The Perfect Water Bottle

waterbottlesI’m a stickler about my children drinking water during workouts and at swim meets. I consider a water bottle as important as a good pair of goggles or a multi-vitamin. It’s easy to spend $8 a piece or more on this basic necessity.

My family tried all kinds of brands, shapes and sizes in the past. Now our go-to is a basic 20 oz Rubbermaid model with a flip top lid. Here’s why:

  • Easily separate the lid from the bottle. When the lid is permanently secured to the bottle you run the risk of not always tightening it well, resulting in an empty swim bottle and a wet swim bag. Colorful, sticky sports drinks can never by fully cleaned up once spilled inside a bag. Just trust me.
  • Flip top lid so liquids must be sipped. Yup, no bite valves and straws for us. I’ve seen a lot of kids pull up on the spout of their water bottle and push it back down with their teeth, and although I’m not a dentist, I’m sure that isn’t a good thing.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Healthy and time saving. That’s my kind of product.
  • Highly durable. To date, I have never thrown one away. The only reason I buy new ones is because my youngest child tends to lose them. So, if you find one sitting all alone on the bleachers at your next swim meet—it’s probably mine.
  • Accommodates regular ice cubes. No worries about making special, smaller sized ice in order to keep drinks cool. Remove the lid and you can hold the bottle right up to a refrigerator ice maker, and it fills without spilling ice all over the floor. Oh, the simple pleasures in life!
  • Buy them at major retailers and online. This is a standard item, so they are carried all year round. Also, Rubbermaid frequently offers high-value coupons which makes these an even better value. I bought a 4 pack for about $14 at Target this week using a $1.50 off coupon. They ended up costing approximately $3.50 a bottle which is a great value.
  • Use them for school lunchboxes, too. The water bottles serve double-duty in our house. When the lunchboxes come home from school the water bottles get pulled out, refilled, and go right into the swim bags. It also saves space in my dishwasher every night.

Let me know what practical, everyday products your swim family can’t live without.

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